Modular Versus Manufactured Homes

pexels-photo-70493There are several different types of homes that can be purchased in today’s housing market. In this article, we’ll discuss modular and manufactured homes. These two home options often get confused with one another, but they are actually quite different.

pexels-photo-106401The term “manufactured home” is the most recent name for mobile homes or trailers. Manufactured homes are relatively inexpensive, small, and are held to a less demanding standard than modular homes. The advantages to purchasing a manufactured home are: mobility and affordability. These advantages allow buyers to make home purchases without a serious long-term financial commitment. These homes were originally named mobile because they allow for geographical changes without buying a new residence. They are generally available in three sizes. The sizes are labeled: single wide, double wide, and triple wide.

homeManufactured homes only need to follow the Housing and Urban Development code. They also do not have to be structurally approved by an inspector. The approval could be viewed as both a positive and a negative point. Having a home inspected would ensure the safety of the buyer, but also adds a big financial cost that some people might not be able to afford.

Modular homes are residences constructed entirely in factories and transported to their sites on flatbed trucks. You can usually spot them being delivered to their location due to the oversized flatbed driving down the road. They arrive as block segments and are neatly assembled.

pexels-photo-164516Modular homes are built under controlled conditions in the factory, and must meet strict quality control requirements before they are delivered. Cranes are used to assemble the segments into homes that appear to be the same as homes that are traditionally built on site. Wind and rain do not cause construction delays since the home is prebuilt in a factory and only needs a quick assembly on the owner’s property. Inspectors must structurally approve modular homes. They can be any size you want. The block segments from which they are assembled are uniformly sized so the flatbed can haul them with ease.

pexels-photo-164522Modular homes are very customizable. Many people gravitate towards these homes over manufactured ones because of the buyer’s desire to customize. The design usually takes place between the buyer and the company before construction has begun, and generally takes eight to fourteen weeks to construct in the factory.

Modular and manufactured homes are very different. Modular homes are custom designed before anything is built. They are built with strict quality control requirements, and have to pass an inspection. With manufactured homes, an inspection is not required, and the only customization available is: choosing between 3 sizes. Manufactured homes offer less, but also costs less.


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